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If you’ve found yourself on my page and aren’t sure what you’ll find when you click on a post, I’m not entirely sure either. This blog has a vague aim – to get the ramblings of my mind onto a page, to show that there’s always silver lining, to prove to myself that I came out the other side of adversity as a better and more well-rounded person, and to advocate for finding strength and equality. It’s also a nice place to put all my photos of the beautiful place I live. They’re all taken by myself on my phone camera. Hopefully you enjoy reading some of my posts as much as I enjoy writing it. Feel free to let me know.

To help guide your perusal of “clouds of silver” I’ve separated posts into a few categories. Silver Lining contains posts about the positivity in day-to-day life, things I notice that are a silver lining to an otherwise shitty situation. Forgiveness collects the posts I’ve written on this topic, it seems to keep my brain occupied more often than I realised. There are some posts full of darker topics so I’ve conveniently tucked them away under Storm Cloud. And I’ve got a page for Random posts – thoughts that aren’t really on-topic with the rest of the blog but I need to put somewhere.


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