My favourite part of every night is the time just before I fall asleep when I’m held tightly in my boyfriend’s arms feeling warm, safe and sleepy. By morning we mostly aren’t cuddling anymore but as soon as either his or my alarm goes off, we hit snooze and spend that time snuggled back into each others arms. It’s the most amazing way to end and start every day. I’m definitely not a morning person, I could sleep through every morning if there wasn’t work, snow or fun activities to raise me. I struggle to enjoy things first thing in the morning, but this is my favourite part of the morning, and makes the early alarms almost worth it. This morning, my boyfriend’s alarm went off and (what it seemed like to me) he was rolling straight out of bed. My automatic reaction was “oh no, did I miss out?” but he looked a me and laughed because I’d sleep-snuggled him for the whole snooze and woken up when he’d rolled out of the bed after turning off his alarm again. I must have needed the sleep. At the same time, it made me laugh and swell with gratitude that I had such a special thing to expect every morning. I count myself very lucky.


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