Naysayers…so foreign to me

I just had the oddest experience with my boss and it really got me thinking about negativity and how foreign it is to me now.

I showed her this really great communications initiative that another local government had done when they were faced with a similar issue as ours. She immediately shut me down. Even before she looked at the material that I had ready to show her. She already knew it wouldn’t work. She is a naysayer. Not just in that circumstance but in so many other day-to-day situations. I realised that this is foreign to me. I choose not to be around naysayers. There are very few negative people in my life, and that’s a conscious choice.

I choose to be around positive, affirmative, easy-going and stress-free people. Sometimes their plans change every day. Sometimes you haven’t spoken to someone for a week and they’ve decided to move to London instead of Sydney in two months, and that totally makes sense. I understand these people because my plans change often as well. I’m open to new opportunities and love having the chance to see how they pan out.

I recently realised that I have a very fluid bucket list of life plans because I tend to just go and do them instead of waiting for the “right time”. One day I decided to go to an adult gymnastics class, I googled it and the next week I was there. Then 6 months later I’d signed up for a masters gymnastics competition (being a master, AKA old person, at gymnastics is actually surprisingly young). With the masters gymnastics competition pamphlet sitting on my desk as work, a co-worker asked me if I ever coached as his daughter’s club always needed new coaches. Next thing I knew I was becoming a certified gtmnastics coach.

Don’t wait. Don’t say nay. Don’t make excuses for why it won’t work. It might not work but you’re missing out on that experience in the meantime. Give it a try. Right now.


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