There’s always a silver lining

I’ve been considering writing a blog for some time. I already journal my thoughts for myself but I think (and hope) that some of my perspectives and experiences could be interesting to other people. One particular life-changing experience is something that I want to be able to share with people but I don’t want it to become how people define me. It’s part of my past and it colours my understanding of the world around me, but it doesn’t define me. To people who don’t know me well it could become the only thing that they think of when they think of me, but I’m much more than that. And we all are.

We’re all more than our experiences but they change how we view the world.

I want this blog to be an explanation as to why I see things in the world how I do. I want it to be helpful for someone else out there who might be going through a similar experience. Every day it gets easier and there’s always a silver lining.


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